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Vegetable garden seeds, Herb garden seeds, Annual flower seeds


Vegetable garden seeds

Vegetables are known as the edible part of the annual or biennial cultural products. In some cases, part (if different from fruits), perennial plants. Among vegetable crops, but not with a more precise classification (cereals, legumes), especially those grown for seed.

Vegetables are an important dietary source of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Some of the species are also used as a condiment.

Flower seeds

Monocots (Magnoliophyt) is the botanical department ranked in the plant kingdom. The name is derived from the fact that eggs are hidden in the pistil, and so the seeds found in a fetus resulting from the ovary wall. Probably originated in the Cretaceous period and are now the dominant group of terrestrial plants.

Herb seeds

An herb is a plant that is valued for scent, flavor, or other qualities. Culinary herbs are distinguished from vegetables  in that, like spices, they are used in small amounts and provide flavor rather than substance to food.

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